Hi! I am a graphic & visual designer. I was born in Rimini where I studied visual, applied arts and industrial design. Now I currently live and work in Treviso. During 2015, I moved to Treviso to work in HEADS COLLETIVE and after BA at Unirsm/IUAV Venice I also worked for a special project in Venice where I followed the creative brand design strategies: CASA FLORA. Since 2017 I collaborate with direct clients for short and long periods, focused on visual design, in particular logo & identity, editorial & magazines and digital & UI design. In 2020 I received an associate's certificate from the Swiss design studio Sketchin. Since 2021 I am a part of Bellissimo Magazine, where I designed its nostalgic visual look. In the same year I co-founded Metabolismo Lagunare, a sub-cultural collective and events company in Venice. In 2023 I took part of the creative team of Alajmo, prestigious starred company of the italian restaurant industry.

✹ I am always available for a new project.